Don’t Lose Your Revenue on Data Loss, Security First

Backup is like an insurance policy or can say a component of disaster recovery plan.

We incorporate advanced managed backup service to our client’s projects. Either your data gets corrupted, hardware failure, natural disaster or system file got deleted unintentionally – all such scenarios are handled by our experts. They restore your servers and data fast.

Best practices are ensured for managed backup services which may include sale pitches, customer or company’s sensitive data, service branding and more. Network and system maintenance must be accompanied by managed backup services.


Backup and Disaster Recovery

Economic loss due to natural disasters is staggering if we look into past years. That’s why we recommend companies to not compromise on their backup recovery plan. Though, we can’t halt or eliminate the possibility of natural disaster but we can mitigate the associated risk.

Critical data can’t be secured with any level of encryption as customer data varies but our services cover all your information security needs.

Cloud Sourcing

Benefits of cloud sourcing and outsourcing could be utilized effectively by the companies. Enterprise architecture could function better as it’s cost effective and time saving. This service is imperative for companies who want to utilize their resources productivity.


Managed Billing

Budgeting, tracking, invoicing and payments are part of our billing management services. In simple words, you can see what you paid for. Just like our email alerts on unknown ushered activity, we send our billing and offer support for related queries if any.

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