Apps Design with End User in Mind

There has been a meteoric rise in apps market particularly in 2 apps stores. Crafting a mobile app design isn’t tough but developing a successful app involves extensive research. We being the industry leaders, don’t just develop a mobile app design but do our R&D if the app idea is market fit or not. And if not, how it could be designed to fill in the market gaps.


Technical Feasibility

Wireframes are prepared to combine all components of the design and functionality. They help in uncovering usability issues. Technical limitations could easily be spotted out in this phase. We design extensive wireframes and suggest how the proposed features and functions will fuse together.

Roadmap or a storyboard explains the relationship between screens. We do consider if the backend of the app will support the functionality. By sourcing public APIs, we get to know if the idea of the app is feasible on technical terms. App relies on its format and the platforms of launch for requirement understanding. At this point, we brainstorm a little and reply back to clients’ concern.


Here we build a prototype with complete user experience, it encircles how the app will work and the user flows. App concept goes to user hands in this phase where it gets clear that how the app will behave for common use cases. Rough and non-exhaustive wireframes are used to get the app designs done and share the ‘first look’ of the app to different stakeholders. Also, it’s a way to validate information gathered so far.


UX Design

User experience designer crafts interactions for different elements while user interface designer works on the ‘look and feel’ of the app. It’s a multistep process which involves review stages. Create variations for layout of navigations, buttons, and visual elements for different screens as it increases the probability of the UX being original for the app.


Development phase doesn’t just start after designing, it gets its shape as the idea nurtures and matures. Once the prototype gets approved which validates the scope of work, it becomes easy for development team to pick up their technology stack.

First stage incorporates the core functionality. In the second stage, most of the proposed functionality gets into the app. Light testing and bug fixing is carried out in second phase. After bug resolution, app goes to deployment phase.


Testing and Deployment

Our testing cycles refers to the original design and the SRS document from where we drive our test cases. App testing is vast also but our mobile app development team covers all facets of it.

We follow a rule where mobile apps get tested early and often. Right from the designing phase, testers test use cases before app actually enters into the testing phase. It keeps clients’ final costs low and we always strive hard to give the best service package in mobile app design and development. Once app passes our usability, functionality, performance, stress, and interface checks, it becomes ready to be deployed.

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