It Has Never Been a More In-Demand Skillset than Now

A great imagination and strategy lead to highly fluid and scalable mobile apps. Android operating system has the largest customer base, i.e. 70% of the world’s user. This shows it has immense potential to drive business revenues.
Android is fast growing app platform in the development arena, daily we witness feature-rich and responsive Android apps delivering unprecedented business value. There is no wonder why Android apps popularity is increasing since half of the world’s population tapping on it.
Mobile app development & marketing have become competitive, hire mobile app developer in order to outrun competitors, a business owner has to be particular about the approach.


UI/UX and Architecture

To keep mobile app design coherent and consistent is what makes the UI user friendly. Our whole process of UI design involves brainstorming of ideas starting from prototyping to finalization of UI design. UI/UX design isn’t fully functional until and unless architecture of an app is smooth. Apps are tested against speed and responsiveness. Elements we consider before developing a mobile app architecture:

  • Determining device types, screen size, resolution, storage space, development framework and memory.
  • Selecting software protocols, bandwidth scenarios
  • Mobile app user interface design
  • Measuring the business risks
  • Navigation methods, picking the one that best fits.

API Layer Integration

After figuring out the design and coding elements / architecture of the mobile comes the API layer. An app gets to know how it will be going to connect with the server. REST based API helps in communicating with the backend, web services or any third party APIs. These APIs are cacheable and the front end development responses could be stored in cache. A case for improving the app performance.


Back-end Development

Backend is the server where data is being stored and shared from multiple users. We follow the best practices such as limiting on-device data storage, synchronization of data across different devices, considering the offline use case scenarios, sending out notifications and messages with set frequency etc.

External APIs Integration for Customization

In order to offer quick customization inside mobile app, external or third party APIs offer readymade mobile app solutions. Tons of interactive features inside such APIs could be integrated real fast. We not just provide best external APIs but take on the responsibility of their implementation too.


Unit Testing

Unit testing techniques are being run against the mobile app code to test if there are any bugs. We ensure our apps must be tested for every unit being developed. For a bug-free and 360 development solutions, businesses rely on proper testing. Before uploading on the Google Play Store, we make sure the app follows all the Google guidelines.

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