• Bazingo Inc. Signed MOU with Free Business Incubator (FBI) Japan

    Free Business Incubator (FBI), a business consulting company in Japan and Bazingo Inc., a Singapore based IT company have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Singapore on Sunday, 26th of November 2017.

    The MOU has been signed in a meeting between the President of FBI, Mr.Chaiki Shirai and the Director of Bazingo Inc. Haider Aly Reza. Both of the companies want to bridge Singapore and Japanese IT companies together to gauge mutual business corporation. Moreover, they believe, in emerging technology evolution setup, this is a high time for companies to seek advantage from each other.

    About Free Business Incubator

    FBI is a business consulting company in Japan and the member of JASIPA’s (Japan System Integration Partners Association)

    The President of FBI Mr. Chiaki Shirai is the Vice Chief Director of JASIPA.

    Mr. Chiaki is also the member of Global Business Committee of JASIPA.

    From small to medium enterprises, FBI supports global IT businesses as IT coordinator, project manager and software engineer (BSE).

    About Bazingo Inc.

    Bazingo Inc. is a Singapore based IT company that builds products and offers services for the next generation of businesses and startups.

    Our featured products include Zingohub (crowdfunding and ecommerce platform), AzyBox (Where businesses get services from A-Z with ease) and AzyCRM (cut managing projects workloads).

    Wide array of services encircles blockchain technology, software development, UI/UX design, game development and more.

    In just 5 years of existence, the company has won 4 excellence awards.

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