Secure Transactions, Pick the Right Gateway

We are set to transform payments ecosystem with our payment gateways integration services. Credit cards or direct payment processing in e-businesses could be done with ease. Security is an integral component in our practice to keep sensitive data i.e. credit card numbers at bay from any fraudulent activity.


How Scalable Are Our Payment Solutions?

We believe as the business grow, the payment solutions should scale too. Number of factors make it easy for you to pick up our payment gateway services as they are secure, speedy and reliable. But one of the key factors which make us unique is the scalability factor. Yes, a platform where oncoming purchases could be handled as the business grows and develops. Pre-ordering, built-in app rewards, etc., may not be offered with flexibility in other payments platforms and here we’re with resilience in nature.

Streamlining of Digital Payments

Our patent and streamlined digital payments solutions delivery is much efficient. Whether you are sending 100 or 100,000payments, Bazingo Inc. integrate payment solutions with your existing systems, bank accounts and processes, hence saves time and cost.


Expect High Functionality

One thing we ensure is, our payment solutions platforms should not disrupt no matter the data amount which needs to be processed. Businesses are able to perform all dire functions regardless of the size. There is no reason a feature in your ecommerce portal won’t function at any level since we have robust solutions.

Data Encryption and API Integration

All our payment gateways encrypt sensitive data before transmitting it to processing banks. A complete set of APIs are provided to an ecommerce business which allows them to accept credit, debit and wide range of other payment methods. On the technical side of API integration, most of the payment gateways we offer are with customization option.

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