Sell your idea, support your Thought

ZingoHub is a crowdfunding platform for creators and innovators across the globe. The forum has bridged many ideas to actualization providing all a space where they can create, inspire and explore. Through Zingohub, we help you Jumpstart your idea and connect with the global community.



Every idea is unique and these stay trapped in people’s head. Through Zingohub, we help you vocalize your idea and get support for it.


We believe that anyone with an idea should be empowered to seize their own success. To make that happen, we’re removing the barriers that creators face in bringing their projects to life and connecting entrepreneurs to a global audience.


ZingoHub is not only a forum to bridge the inventor with its connected audience worldwide, rather it is a fully functional commerce forum to sell commerce, do pre-orders and crowdfund for your next big idea.


Maximize the efficiency of your Business

Inventrox is an extraordinary inventory management system that helps you increase sales of your business and fulfill orders efficiently. With the system, you can manage your inventory, calculate the correct pricing, making a convenience for your next order and view valuable statistics on your inventory management dashboard.



Get the most efficient inventory management method and improve all your internal operations. Inventrox provides you a clean look into the valuable information while automating many other functions including, invoice generation, lead management, system management, updating stock information and nonetheless generating reports.


Quickly Set up your Store by Importing your Customers, Items, Suppliers, and Giftcards with our New Import/Export tools.

Real Time

Make better decisions with the help of dynamic reports in real time that you can save and share with whoever you want. Keep key information at your fingertips with the graphical reports on your dashboard.