Sell your idea, support your Thought

ZingoHub is a crowdfunding platform for creators and innovators across the globe. The forum has bridged many ideas to actualization providing all a space where they can create, inspire and explore. Through Zingohub, we help you Jumpstart your idea and connect with the global community.



Every idea is unique and these stay trapped in people’s head. Through Zingohub, we help you vocalize your idea and get support for it.


We believe that anyone with an idea should be empowered to seize their own success. To make that happen, we’re removing the barriers that creators face in bringing their projects to life and connecting entrepreneurs to a global audience.


ZingoHub is not only a forum to bridge the inventor with its connected audience worldwide, rather it is a fully functional commerce forum to sell commerce, do pre-orders and crowdfund for your next big idea.


One Tool To Cover All The Technological Needs Of Your Business!

BIB – Business In a Box is an online tool created to serve all your techy business needs from one forum. The tool offers the option to establish your online presence by registering domain, getting hosting, emails, cloud storage etc; employ ready to use business solutions such as CRM, inventory and eCommerce; hire professional services for App Development, Web Development, Digital Marketing and so on… and nonetheless, manage it all through an incredible dashboard.


Ready to Use

“To win the battle, you need a WEAPON”. Same goes for BUSINESS! To make it profitable and efficient, you are required to opt for advanced business solutions such as CRM, Inventory Management System, Business intelligence, Big Data, Ecommerce etc. Being aware of the importance of these tools, we have brought together a range of solutions at one place from where you can pick anything that helps you improve overall productivity of your business. We do offer customizations for these tools and help you modify them as per your need!

Easy Access to

Through BIB, we bridge you to our verified network of experts and make available for you the services you demand. We have expert developers, designers, Creative writers and computer geeks who are efficient in proving services for Web, Mobile & Software Development; Design & Creative; Sales & Marketing; Accounting & Finance; Writing/Translation; Customer Service; Admin Support and so on. Our role here is not confined to bridging only, we do ensure high-quality results and on time delivery.

Hassle free

We like all human beings, find it difficult to manage scattered data. Hence, in BIB we are providing a user-friendly Dashboard that encompasses every bit of your business information you should be aware of. Using the BIB Dashboard, you can keep key information at your fingertips and manage all your business chores handily.