Adaptation to Exceptions, a Virtual Workforce

We create and deploy virtual agents to do repetitive, rule-based and high volume tasks. Our team develop, deploy and support virtual workforce through RPA application which runs 24/7. Imagine a workforce that you can teach innumerable tasks. That’s what we do, we unburden you and let machines take your workload.


RPA Integration with AI and ML

At Bazingo Inc. we deliver technology consulting services, RPA design and automation of processes by using latest technology stack. RPA as a service is designed in a way to uplift organizations by integrating this very technology with artificial intelligence and machine learning applications for an enterprise transformation. End to end RPA services enable clients to better understand current levels of automation.

RPA for Data Migration

RPA is the perfect tool for fast data migration, regardless of the functional scope, automation of data migration is at the heart of the RPA initiative. We resolve multiple challenges related to data migration such as what does my migrated data look like? How can I add migrated data into my current target system? And how can I be sure that migration was successful?


Process Quality and Accuracy

Robots have the potential to fetch not only the accurate data but it reduces the time. In taking on repetitive tasks, our robots precision is immaculate. Human labor may take time to acquired required outcome but robots once learn can do tasks in minutes. We help organizations to roll out RPA on large scales, if they want.

Non-disruptive RPA Transformation

Risk of complex transformation is what makes it hard for large scale companies to adopt to changes. Redesigning, replacement and enhancement of existing systems make organizations hesitant as we discovered over the period of time. Our RPA access end user data the same way human does. They are secure, reliable and quick.

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