Move Traffic to Your Website Strategically

By any measure, Google AdWords is the most known paid search platform. But still marketers are unaware of the possible good opportunities it contains. We utilize paid ad campaigns based on our picked keywords and connect to users. Technical knowledge, and in-depth keyword research eventually allow us to rank a website on search engine results pages (SERPs). We are the gurus in the field because we have got hands-on experience in digital marketing.


Website Review and SEO Audit

Various professional and paid tools are used to assess various aspects of the website like usability, structure, design, keyword quality, title tags, headers, internal links etc. An analysis gives us an overview to prepare a baseline for benchmarking success. Once issues got highlighted and varied, a detailed report is generated related to ‘areas-of-improvement’.

Keyword Research

Keyword phrases are identified, what keywords competitors are using and what’s the competition of the keywords we extract will be used in website optimization. This step is critical as it needs considerable amount of time to devise a list of keywords with ‘high probability’ to get rank on google search pages.

Keywords are chosen on different factors like high searches by the users, business relevancy of the keyword, and medium to low competition in search engines.


Link Building Strategy

Custom designed link building campaign is prepared by our search engine marketers. One key advantage of this strategy for our clients’ website is secure flow of links. We adhere to white hate SEO techniques and avoid black hat SEO, article spinning, link farms etc. to keep our client website at bay from Google penalties. Our links steadily builds traffic, rankings and engagement.

ROI Driven Paid Search Campaign

Advertised links search results where our PPC campaigns offer compelling ROI driven marketing possibilities. There, you are not paying to be listed in search results or pay for exposure unlike traditional marketing but you will only pay if the user clicks and visits our B2B website. More like, it’s ‘pay for performance’ advertising. We pick campaign keywords based on relevance and not just popularity alone.


Phase 5: Testing and Integration

After development, a project has to go through testing phase before it’s integrated. Testing is carried out by QA professionals and they determine if the final product is following the initial set of business objectives. Testing, manual and automated are performed to see if it’s final for deployment / integration.

Report and Analysis

Success and failure of any marketing activities cannot be determined without tracking. We measure success of each and every marketing campaign we run on search engines to track if we are going to the right direction. Monthly and weekly SEM meetings are scheduled with the clients to keep them informed about the current state of analytics.

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