Optimize to Pull-in Quality Traffic

Practice to increase quality traffic to a website through organic search engines is daunting. We ensure that search spiders not only find the website but rank it well in accordance to page relevance on search engines organically. The process through which we optimize a website isn’t one-time, instead it requires continuous maintenance, and upgradation. Our SEO strategy checklist is based on four steps.


Step 1: Target Audience and Competitors Analysis

First, we do website analysis to see how much code is being used in comparison to text and other main elements of the website. Meta sets or keywords placement also falls under this category. Second, competitors’ analysis is conducted by our seo experts to determine engine positioning strategy. We develop a prioritized list of targeted search keywords related to business market segment.

Step 2: Keyword Research and Development

Competitors keywords and the targeted list of keywords are identified in this step. A preliminary list of keywords is being used to determine what were the recent search queries in the search engines and how many websites are competing for a particular keyword. We did research in-depth to get our hands on best-picked keywords which would convert. Ranking assessments along with goals are specified too.


Step 3: Content Submission and Optimization

Keywords based meta titles and meta tags are created along with each web content page submission. We place strategic research phrases on each page to optimize the content. Also, we make it easier for search engines to index our websites. Submission of websites to directories also comes under this step.

Step 4: Test and Measure/ Measurement of Success

Search engine rankings and web traffic determine the measurement of success. We continuously analyze the rankings and traffic coming to your website and improve our strategy. Testing which one of the implemented strategies are working good and tracking results of changes in excel and project management tools is what we manage in the maintenance phase.

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