Real-Time Tracking,
Know What’s Nearby

Do you have the application offering review on eateries, real estate, travel or related to news? You definitely want to integrate ServoGo feature with more of automated suggestions, a best fit for what your target user wants.


Navigation Tool

Get a Venue Recommendation

We firmly believe users have become heavily dependent on location-specific information and recommendations like restaurants, airlines, hotels, tourist spots etc. Your users won’t get stuck anymore, we have the right solution.

Augmented Reality Games

We’re Living in Pokémon Go World

AR games with geo location feature brilliantly places virtual objects in relation to user’s real time location. Such games have created huge waves. Want the secret code for your game too? We can add this feature to social games so that you can harness the advantages of the same social impact.


Ecommerce Solution

Easy-to-Track Products

ServoGo has made tracking of Ecommerce products handy. Customers can track their products from shipment to receiving. Also, it helps in defining shipping charges based on customer location.

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