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Previously, it was asked ‘why should I use social media for my business?’ and now the question has changed to ‘how my business can grow with social media?’. Businesses can’t go very far if they don’t have any documented strategy. Our social media marketing strategy is a summary of everything you plan to achieve.



We go beyond vanity metrics like retweets and likes, focus on leads generation, conversion rate, and web referrals is core to our social media marketing. Creating customer persons – pain points, interests, behaviors, etc. help us in preparing archetypes. Without goals and objectives there is no mean to prove social media return on investment (ROI). Having clearly defined objectives also allows us to react quickly to social media campaigns, if they do not meet expected results. We determine what metrics we’ll be going to use.

Social Audit

Prior to making new social media plan, we analyze current social media plan and how is it working. Which social media platforms clients’ target users actively uses and how strong is the social presence is figured out in the social audit. Our audit also uncovered fraudulent or fake branded accounts and report.


Social Inspirations

Features, operations and any specifications are defined in system design phase. Our team make sure all designed features are in accordance to functional requirements set in the earlier phase. Structure of the proposed system, processing, procedures, and components (hardware/software) are being clearly laid down.

Content Calendar

A phase where programmer, network engineer or developer come closer to do the major project work. We use a flow chart to make sure process stay organized. This phase ends the initial section of SDLC and it signifies production kickoff.


Test and Evaluate

We build testing capabilities for every use case scenario we try. Recording and analyzing successes and failures help us expand social media strategies of clients for revenue generation. What we typically track:

  • Number of clicks our links get on a specific platform
  • Usage of social media analytics trackers to measure success and failure
  • Tracking page visits on different social mediums by using Google Analytics
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