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Typically, Google and Bing are used to catalyze marketing campaigns in order to reach people through search engines. With social media emerging as top platform, digital marketing approaches have changed. For businesses looking to maximize their traffic audience number on their website, they can capitalize on us for social media optimization.


Optimization Strategy

Lack of social strategy is the top barrier in the way of companies who want to mark their strong social presence. We help them define clear goals and objectives with focus on achieving measurable results. Our social strategy includes:

  • Outlined social goals to solve challenges
  • Focus on social networks that will add value
  • Creation of engaging content
  • Exploring business opportunities
  • Track, measure and monitor social efforts

Keywords Research

In our documented strategy we mention hot topics, hashtags and keywords that a target audience uses. So that, we can produce relevant content around. We just don’t find keywords for websites, blogs or ad campaigns but do prepare keywords for social content optimization. In doing so, we align SEO and social keywords because together they can create deeper impact.


Social Profiles and Content Optimization

Unlike in SEO where we optimize websites, in SMO we optimize social profiles. If your company’s profile is weak then it’s hard to build a foundation on it. We delicate a block of time to complete social media profiles 100% before we start working on the content strategy. We make sure profiles pictures, username and bio should look original and professional.

Content drives social platforms especially the one with quality. We produce two types of content for social media i.e. original and curated. What sort of content and the frequency is also decided while we build a content strategy plan for SMO. Ideally, we mix both types of content to test what works.

Posting Schedule

The time at which you post is equally as important as what you post. We locate the best time of each social media for publishing directly or scheduling for later. ‘How often to post on social media’ is also part of our social media optimization strategy. We don’t bombard streams and timelines of our valuable users; we plan thoughtfully.


Tracking Analytics

We track social media analytics through Google Analytics by using UTM codes. Analytics allow us to know from which social medium engagement is high and what sort of posts are getting more response. Tracking such stats like conversion rate, amplification, applause, and economic value are our key derivatives.

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