System Monitoring for Proactive Performance Management

It’s never enough to implement a good managed backup system. You always have to monitor it.

Continuous monitoring of a backup system is being scheduled as we take full responsibility for the support we offer. Because of the capital and time consumption, more and more companies are shifting to managed system monitoring service providers.

Outsourcing management of the backup services is a good option especially for companies with smaller setups and less of expertise. Seeking services from an outside source not only convenient data storage option but businesses have to spend less of their time on administration. System administrators monitor systems like computer disks and memory. But we follow different levels of security to make managed backup system fully functional.


Level 1

Notification via email has been sent to the client after the verification of successful scheduled managed backup run.

When it comes to protection of a system, no option should be spared.

Level 2

Periodic status reports which entails all the backup errors and their fixes. It also includes when the backup happened and how much data is being backed up. These reports are sent periodically as the client prefers.


Level 3

If the scheduled backup fails to run, a notification is sent to the client about the inactive backup. This helps clients to detect if there are any problems and forward back for fixing.

Level 4

If the client does not respond to the sent notification of inactive backup, our team contacts to make sure client is aware of the given scenario.

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