Manage Sensitive Data, Limit Impact of Security Breach

Information assets accessibility and productivity remain intact with the help of system security.
User authentication, security updates, anti-virus protection and software updates – security of a system/device is crucial for optimal performance. There are certain best practices which can answer the security woes of the companies at risk.


Preparation of Test Setup

System changes are accompanied by ‘change management methods’ to eliminate possibility of threat or data corruption. We prepare a test setup which is same like the production setup so that real use cases could be tested before implementation. Similarly, for system updates or feature change, it’s being ensured that same setup has been utilized. First test the use case in testing environment and then take to the production if all goes well. A system administrator must develop an estimate for the downtime and the necessary steps for the software/security updates.

System Logs for Audit Activities

What changes are made in the record, who made those changes, when those changes were happened are important to keep the confidentiality and availability of the information assets. An audit trail is being maintained by our team to keep the list of changes being made to the system.


Data Classification

The type of data collected, stored and shared once declared could be used as controls for securing useful information of a company. Our security controls for confidential company data are stringent than the public information records. Classification of data helps companies to distinguish and prioritize security efforts.

Patch Management Strategy

For peak functionality, all softwares have has to go through regular maintenance. Technology manufacturers often release updates to address problem areas of a product / service, a patch or an update. These patches may vary from simple problem solving like cosmetic changes to complex fixation. Complex ones may involve giving full authority controls to an unauthorized source. Company if lacks such patch management, we can offer full-pack.

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